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Wood stove Chimney

Quality prefab chimney installation

If you have always wanted a fireplace, but were worried about the large cost and invasive construction, you have come to the right place! The team at The Mad Hatter Chimney Sweep, Inc. can quickly and easily install a new prefabricated stove and chimney in your home.

Provide added warmth and comfort to your home with the purchase of a prefabricated wood stove or furnace. The stainless steel interior of each chimney ensures your living room or family room will warm quickly without the dangers of soot or fireplace build up. Our experienced chimney installers will ensure your new stove is installed right the first time.

A safe ventilation system

Antiquated, old fashioned wood stoves and furnaces often do not have the right ventilation to safely and effectively heat your home. This can cause smoke and toxins to build up and could make you and your family sick.


Protect your family by calling The Mad Hatter Chimney Sweep, Inc. to install your new prefab chimney. We will add to your current wood stove or furnace without taking away from the cozy feel of a beautiful, country stove.

Add to your current wood stove

If your wood stove has been sitting unused, we can help bring new life to it. The team at The Mad Hatter Chimney Sweep, Inc, has what it takes to make your wood stove the focal point of your home once again.


Most importantly, the increased use of your wood stove along with the brand new ventilation could also save you on your winter heating costs! CALL TODAY to learn how we can help you save money every year!

All of the products used on your home come with a lifetime manufacturers' warranty!